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BNS news archive offers a unique accumulation of information about all important events since 1991 in five working languages. The archives are well-indexed and, with the right selection of key words, you will quickly find the information about any person, event, company or political organization covering a period of more than 20 years. Every day BNS archives expand by over 2,000 information items.

BNS news archives are the oldest archives of the kind in Latvia. No other organization can offer you as extensive and thorough historical information. It should be mentioned that Google Inc. was founded only in 1998Cool

The archives is a must-use information tool for any professional user of news services.

To get acquainted with the archives and other news products by BNS, please complete the registration form or contact BNS customer service department by phone
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BNS news agency is the largest pan-Baltic news agency and has offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We hold our mission with great responsibility – to provide comprehensive information about the major events because only an informed person can make a choice, define attitude and make decisions to live in line with understanding and norms of a democratic society.


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