Baltic Business Service (BBS)

Baltic Business Service (BBS) is the analytical information section accumulating detailed information about the key economic sectors and major players, compiling different statistical data and producing overviews for convenient use by customers.

BBS covers information about more than 20 economic and business sectors, focusing on major players, statistics, analysis of trends and influence of external developments on the particular industry.

Every month BBS experts produce more than 20 full-length interviews with the industry leaders, key government and municipal figures and renowned industry experts.

BBS also compiles commentaries by analysts of banks and other organizations.

If your interest in any business sector goes deeper than simply scanning the headlines over your morning coffee, BBS services are for you.

To get acquainted with BBS content and other news products by BNS, please complete the registration form or contact BNS customer service department by phone
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BNS services

BNS news agency is the largest pan-Baltic news agency and has offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We hold our mission with great responsibility – to provide comprehensive information about the major events because only an informed person can make a choice, define attitude and make decisions to live in line with understanding and norms of a democratic society.


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