BNS press service

BNS publicity services:

  • Sending out information on an upcoming event to the press
  • Publishing an event in the BNS Calendar
  • Presence of a professional photographer
  • Drawing up press releases as needed
  • Publishing of press release in BNS PR Newswire
  • Presence of BNS journalists; publication of the given material on the BNS news wire as needed by the news agency
  • Tea, coffee, snacks

Important: BNS is a mass communication medium that has never had close connections with any political group. Likewise, our contacts with businesses have never gone beyond relations between a customer and a service provider. BNS would therefore make for an absolutely impartial and independent partner with an impeccable reputation for your publicity campaign.


BNS services

BNS news agency is the largest pan-Baltic news agency and has offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We hold our mission with great responsibility – to provide comprehensive information about the major events because only an informed person can make a choice, define attitude and make decisions to live in line with understanding and norms of a democratic society.


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