BNS provides professional information services. Our objective is to promptly supply customers with information about the most important events in Latvia, the Baltic states and the world.

Our customers can be certain that they would receive full information about all key events which is the main difference between BNS and the websites offering free-of-charge content.

Our customers can enjoy not only the latest news but also a news archive with the information accumulated over the last more than 20 years as well as a powerful and easy-to-use search engine.

BNS offers its customers also infographics, photographs by F64 photo agency and a wide array of analytical materials.

BNS provides its services on the basis of agreements with cooperation partners. By the agreement we undertake our share of obligations and responsibility for the quality and accuracy of news and technical aspects of the delivery. Our customers receive services and training in the use of BNS information systems to make this cooperation easy and convenient.


BNS services

BNS news agency is the largest pan-Baltic news agency and has offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We hold our mission with great responsibility – to provide comprehensive information about the major events because only an informed person can make a choice, define attitude and make decisions to live in line with understanding and norms of a democratic society.


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